01 September


SP Work Vaca… Part 4/end

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Truck friends then family

If any of you really know me, I am not the biggest fan of taking pictures of food.  I find it a bit weird, food is meant to be eaten not fantasized over.  These are the tacos from the food truck Cucina Zapata, who happened to start their twitter today.  Hurrah!  Anyway, I forgot to take a picture their truck while I was there so their thai tacos will have to do.

Owning and running a food truck can get indeed overwhelming to say the least.  Luckily the community of food trucks its probably one of the biggest perks of owning a food truck.  Obviously there’s exchange of food involved, but there’s a comradery in the struggle of food costs, licences and permits, customer relations good and bad, the list goes on and on.  Cucina Zapata is probably one of our newest friends, so go try them out!  They are located on 31st and ludlow on Drexel’s campus.

And I guess in a nutshell those are the basics of running a food truck and life at Sugar Philly.  Although quite the headache at times, there are always good moments that even out the bad.

As I am writing this, I am back at home in Long Island, New York(who said I was from the city?…) This is where I’ll be spending the remainder of my vacation with my family.

We will return to the streets on Tuesday, Sept 6th!  Until then, leave me alone!  Haha =)


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