Some times you just need to treat yourself to something nice. For us though, we think it should be all the time! You’ve got classes to attend, meetings to sit in, and piles of work to sift through. You work hard so who better than you to deserve a reward! And we completely agree! Come eat, get a treat, and smile!!!

Sugar Philly specializes in making gourmet desserts  so that you can enjoy gourmet desserts easily without the need to make reservations or buy expensive meals at restaurants. We make it so you can enjoy high taste, but stay at street level.We will give you the best sweet treats like our famous French Macarons, torched on site creme brulee, or our seasonally topped cheesecakes straight to your hands from our truck or through our catering.


Dan Tang

Head Chef
Our chef  hails straight from New York City but has Philly in his heart and couldn't escape the city of brotherly love.  After moving back to New York after graduation, John and Franklin pitched the idea to him for a dessert truck here and though he was reluctant at first, the two convinced him to come back with a trail of sugar cubes.  Now he brings his culinary skills to the streets to make gourmet desserts to satiate your sweet tooth.

Franklin Shen

Ever since a student at the University of Pennsylvania, Franklin cannot seem to escape his love for food trucks.  In fact, he chose where to live both his junior and seniors years at Penn based off of one food truck.  Every day he could just roll out of bed and grab his favorite food truck food within less than 5 minutes.  Dreaming of owning a food truck, Franklin met John who shared the same passion and the two decided to embark on creating a gourmet dessert food truck in the city of Philadelphia.

John Suh

Graduating from Drexel, John is a food connoisseur traveling to some of the best places to eat, especially in the food truck scene. His original idea was a frozen yogurt joint at the UPenn campus, but  after hearing Kiwi’s plans would be coming soon, was looking for the next idea.  Meeting Franklin at a Bible study dinner, the two started talking about food and from the first conversation over fried chicken, the idea for Sugar Philly Truck was born.

Sheila the Truck

Sheila (yes, our truck has a name because we love her) didn’t just pop up in our cabbage patch one night. Even though this will be her first year since we adopted her, she’s come a long way from when she was first born in 1988. Back then, her first job was actually as a mobile post office. She stationed herself right in front of the World Trade Center in Manhattan New York and served the good citizens in front of the Center. Like any post office, people would come to her for stamps, mailing letters, and sending packages. Of course, she doesn’t do that anymore, but she now still tries to deliver some sweetness to your stomach!